Friday, June 13, 2008

Oh Joy!

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted. Like most everyone else, I have a few things going on right now. But, here I go again! The Lord has been doing a lot in my life in the past few weeks. There has been some change as I have posted about before and things are a struggle now and then, but true to Gods way, He has something for me to learn through all of it. I pray that my heart is pliable enough to learn it quickly!! This summer, some of the young ladies at church are going through a book called " A Young Woman's Walk With God" by Elizabeth George. It is a really good book and it is a modification of her book " A Woman's Walk With God" also good. The young woman's book is talking about the fruits of the spirit and what they look like and how we practically live those out. Yesterday, we went over Love and Joy! The chapter on Joy is titled, A Happy Heart! Whoa, stop right there, I am convicted. I talk a lot about joy but often times, others can not see joy in my life. Listen to what Elizabeth says, " ...true spiritual joy shines brightest against the darkness of trails, tragedy, and testing. Later, she goes on to say that joy is experienced anywhere and at any time. Because, phillipians 4:4 tells us to rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS! The phrase in the Lord points out WHERE our joy comes has nothing to do with our circumstances but it has everything to do with our relationship with Jesus Christ. The real point of this chapter is that True Joy can only be found in Christ and that as a believer, I have the option to choose joy for myself. That is where the rub begins, sometimes, I choose sorrow and misery because they "seem" better for me at the time, they feel better often, but the fact of the matter is, Jesus is the real joy giver. So, I am trying to find joy in every situation these days. It is hard sometimes, but this is something that I know God calls me to and it is a desire of mine to obey and follow Christ. Please do not misunderstand me, there are real legitimate sorrows and fears and things like that that we all face and go through. I guess the point that I am taking away is that God does not want me to stay there, it is a battle for my mind and my heart everyday to CHOOSE joy in the midst of hurt, burden, fear, sadness. But, when I turn my eyes toward Christ and begin to praise God for who He is and what He has done, the joy comes like a tidal wave over my soul!!! I got the joy joy joy joy down in my heart where? down in my heart where? down in my heart and if the devil doesn't like it he can sit on a tack!! Do you remember that song? A group of friends and I are memorizing some psalms together this summer and they have been such a comfort to some of us. Ps 42, and 43..look at them!! Thank you Lord, that I can hope in God, He is the God of Hope and that I can have the Joy that only comes from walking in fellowship with you. You are lovely and an awesome God!!