Monday, January 14, 2013


I LOVE books!  All kinds of books.  If I had all the money in the world, I would spend the most on books and on music.  Kevin tells me all the time, "you can get that on your reader"....electronically....well that is fine, but there is nothing like a book!  Written in, highlighted dog eared!  There are many books that I do not have that I would love to have.  I don't have any lamplighter books and I think I would really like those.  Maybe I will start getting those for Gracelyn.  But, for this year, I was thinking that I would like to read at least one book a month.  That is totally doable.  Maybe I will even be able to read 2 a month!  Here is a list of what I have so far.  I will be adding to the list and I will report back, after I have read each one.  These are in no particular order.

* Virtues of Family Life  (with Gracelyn)  William J. Bennett
*  A Faith Worth Sharing : A lifetime of conversations about Christ     C. John Miller
*  not a fan.   Kyle Idleman
*  The Mission of Motherhood (again)     Sally Clarkson
*  The Greener Grass Conspiracy   Stephen Altrogge
*  A Mother's Heart (again)     Jean Fleming
*  Across the Rose Hedge with Aunt Merry (with Gracelyn)    Landis
*  Fierce Women     Kimberly Wagner ( Almost finished with this one)
*  Let Me Be A Woman     (again)    Elisabeth Elliot
*  Sacred Influence        (Gary Thomas)

Stay reports to follow.  ; ) 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Parenting 101

So, we started a new class at church today.  We are super excited but also super overwhelmed.  Just after one class, we see where we have been and are currently failing as parents.  No beating around the bush, no wondering, just flat out in your face WORD OF GOD telling us what we need to be doing and by Gods grace, we are doing SOME things right!  My kids are growing up soooo fast.  Next month, Anabelle turns one and then in March, Gracelyn turns 4.  I think, I am going to write a letter to each of my kids on their birthday and give it to them when they turn 18.  I keep a journal but this is something a little different.  Anyway, back to parenting, we are jumping headlong into this.  Looking forward to learning so much.  Love our small group leaders and can't wait to come out stronger parents for the Lord.  Oh Lord Jesus, would you please save our kids.  Would you erase from their minds all that we have done wrong, and help them to see their GREAT need for you? Would you strengthen us for the task that you have laid before us and would you get yourself glory from it all?  In Jesus name, Amen

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


As the new year rolls around, many people make resolutions.  I am no different but I want to make changes that are realistic and beneficial!  So, I am not really saying they are resolutions, just things that I am wanting to change!!!  This list will probably change too!  I have one friend, who adopts a word for the year.  I am not sure what all that entails for her...but, I like the idea.  As I read what her word was, I was struck that I too might like to choose a word for the here it is .    DISCIPLINE.

This word has a negative connotation often but really, it is a good word and good for me to focus on.  I am trying to be disciplined in being in the Word every day.....even if it is for 10 min, it is my life breath and it is a joy!  I also am trying to be more disciplined with my eating.  I have lost a little weight and would like to press on to lose a little more and keep it off!  I also want to be disciplined in my discipline of my kids.  I want to discipline myself to finish a few projects that I have started.  I want to discipline myself to be a better friend.  I am always excited to see what the new year will bring, I love an adventure!  I also want to be disciplined to finish reading 2 books that I have started.  Both good and edifying books so it should not be hard .....the discipline comes in because I just need to put my computer down and pick up the book and also I need to not let the books take the place of real fellowship in the Word.

I am blessed.  2012 was not easy but it was not hard either.  I have many friends and family who faced hardships in the last year and I am so thankful that I have seen God sustain them.  I am encouraged by the thought of "newness" so, welcome 2013 and may I be found faithful and disciplined!