Friday, December 7, 2012

Date night/Service

Ahhh do you remember what dating and falling in love was like?  Wasn't it wonderful?  Just because you are married, does not mean it should end!!!  Yes, things change and kids are added or move away, money gets tight or time keeps on slippin'....but tonight, my sweet considerate husband gave me a gift.  The gift of his time!!!!  He took me to see a movie that I wanted to see...a lovie silly girl movie and he got me that huge bucket of popcorn and then after he took me to eat at a new little place that we both loved!!!  And to top it all off, are you ready????  He took me to TARGET!!!!  But, none of this would have been possible if a sweet sweet gal from church had not offered to come and keep our girls!!!  WOW!!!  This gal is special.  She is beautiful, loves the LORD and she loves my kids.  She is a single lady in her late 20's that WANTED to give up her Friday night in order that we could go out.  That is just such a different world view.  She wanted to serve us and love on our kids.  That is HUGE and not lost on me at all!!!!  I want to raise my kids to WANT to serve others and put others first.  I am so very thankful for the time out with my love and equally thankful for the consideration this friend showed us tonight.  Thank you R and thank you Lord for this time out!!!!