Thursday, December 18, 2008


Well, finally!!! Tuesday night, Kevin finally got to feel the baby! We were sitting in front of the fire after eating a large bowl of chili and pow! I quickly grabbed his hand and placed it where he could feel the kick and just right on cue, the baby kicked or punched or whatever they do and Kevin nearly lost it! He loved every minute of it! Well, all night long, he waited for it again. The next morning, he woke me up and said, I felt the baby in the middle of the night. I am so blessed to have a "snuggler" hubby! He loves to touch and snuggle and so he will be feeling the baby a lot I suspect in the coming days and weeks.....things are tummy is telling me that there really IS a baby in there!!! Our worship pastor told me on Sunday...that I finally look pregnant....I thought that was nice.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Have I mentioned that I LOVE being pregnant? It is the greatest feeling ever. I had my appt Wednesday and things are still looking good. Measuring a little bigger than I "should" be. Maybe the baby is coming in March instead of April. Would'nt that be great!!!! Little one is very active at the strangest times. Usually around 2am! Don't know what that means. Kevin is anxiously awaiting being able to feel the kick....we are trying to coordinate it with eachother. I keep telling baby to kick when daddy is around and he does not want to. Rebel already!!!! Just like his father! The time is going by soooo fast. I can not believe it! I can not wait to meet this little bundle. I am feeling things that I have never felt before in places that are "sensitive" and my insides are being tossled all around I think. Still need to paint the sister and hopefully Becky are going to do that!! (hint hint) havent gotten around to really asking yet, but hoping that they will take pitty on me!!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I am once again reminded of God's hand in all our lives. I am reminded that we are not promised tomorrow, that God is Not Tame but He is good, I am reminded that He goes before us. I am reminded that every good and perfect gift comes down from the father of lights and that He withholds no good thing from those who are His. I am reminded that He orchestrates EVERY detail of our life. I am reminded that good friends are necessary and a blessing and that we should make the most of our time with them. I am reminded that a relationship worth having is worth fighting for. I am reminded that we should tell people that we love them and that we appreciate them and value their input into our lives. I am reminded that trials draw us closer to our not tame but good God. I am reminded that we are promised that we will encounter trials but that we should count it all joy. I am reminded that I should hope in God because He is the God of Hope.
I am reminded that I have no right to question the God who tells the stars when and where to shine and who spoke the world into existence but on the occasions that I do, I am reminded of His gentle mercies! Great is Your Faithfulness, O God my Father, there is no shadow of turning with thee....all I have needed thy hand hath provided...Great is thy faithfulness, Lord unto me!