Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Caution, I am thinking again!!

Okay, for those of you who do not know me well, I think a lot! Now, that is not to say that I am smart, or an intellect....I think it is partly rebellion that is rising up within me to swim upstream and to challenge the "norm"...sometimes though, I think it is just some twisted wiring in my brain that needs some medical attention. (you laugh,but if you were my pastor or care group leader, you might tend to agree) Phil 4:8 is a perfect passage for me to memorize because I tend to let my mind wonder and wander about things. Here is a perfect example: it is 12:23 am...I went to bed at 10:00pm and laid there for an hour unable to sleep and then I decided to get up. Recently, I bought some Peaches and thought that if I ate one, it might help me fall asleep. Here is what got me thinking.... I LOVE peaches but I have to peel them, I am a texture weird 'O and can't do the, if I do not like the peel, then really what I like is nectarines and not peaches right? This is just one mild example of a more serious problem. My thinking and questions have caused trouble in the past and I hate that. Really, sometimes, I just have questions. Sometimes I think about how dogmatic I am about certain things. You know, we say the sky is blue because someone told us it was, but how do we know that blue is really blue? What if blue is yellow and we have been wrong all this time? Do you see what I mean? My brain is on overload and I have too much to do not to be sleeping. Please pray for me.