Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Small update

Well, after some prompting from a friend, I am updating my blog a little.....I do not get on here very often because my life has changed soooo much over the past 3 months! 3 months, oh my word.....it makes me sad to think that 3 months have already passed! My baby is getting so big! She is almost 18lbs and she is sitting up and has been sleeping through the night for sometime. She tends to be a homebody and likes things done her way! She is so funny!!! I love her more than I ever thought possible. God has been so good to us. Things for our family have changed, not unlike a lot of you I am sure. We are rejoicing as we see the hand of the Lord but I must confess that I am fearful often these days. We are feeling the effects of the economy as are many of our friends and family. Kevin is working sooo hard these days and I have picked up 2 houses to clean. I am able to bring Gracelyn with me and she is content to sit in her bouncy seat...thank you Lord, that she is so good.....I find myself in limbo some these days. If not for my family and my great friends, I would be crazier than I already am!!! I know that I need to update more pictures, I will do that soon. I have been reading some good books which have helped me keep my focus. Some days are better than others but for the most part, my worst day with Gracelyn is better than my best day without her!!!!