Thursday, August 1, 2013

wow! What a story!

Okay, so please don't laugh or make fun!  I am NOT computer SAVVY but I wish I was!  I look at all these other blogs and think wow, that is so pretty or wow that looks so nice and tidy....but my blog is neither pretty or nice and tidy which I guess is fine, because I am neither of those either!!!  :)  But, a few weeks ago, my friend was telling me about this lady who had been saved out of a horrible life.  She posted an excerpt from her book on Facebook but at the time, I was unable to read it.  Funny how things happen....a few days later, my husband sent me a link to this article and told me to please read.  So, I sat down and read this amazing story....but, this story is NOT about this woman and what she was saved from, this story is about GOD and how big He is!

  So as Kevin and I talked about the article, he said that a guy at work had read the whole book and was willing to loan it out.  He brought the book home with the intent of us reading it together.  Well, I was dying to get started and Kevin was in the middle of another book, so in two days, I had this one read.  It is not a long book, but it is intense!  It is not for the faint of heart.  But, it is good.  This lady is a trophy of Grace and I have been challenged by some of her thoughts.

This is NOT a book for the immature reader.  There are no graphic stories but there is some strong language and some dynamic pre conversion worldviews. 

One of the biggest things I appreciate about this book is the candid honest way in which the author speaks about her life before Christ and now.  I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that she continues to state that her salvation has NOTHING to do with her.  She states she was an enemy of God and that she was NOT running toward God but rather away, BUT GOD in His kindness, drew her to himself and now she stands clean before Him.!!!!

It is one that I hope many people read and like I said, it has challenged my thinking on a few things as well.  I am so glad that I read it!