Monday, January 27, 2014

I did NOT get what I deserved!

At first blush, the title to this post might cause some stop right here and not read any further. But, I hope you do. The past few weeks, I have found myself in a very blissful state. Have these days been perfect, trial free, fun? Some of the days have been but not all of them. You see, it is all about perspective. It is all about choices. The Lord has been working in my life....showing me sin areas and this is HARD but, good! I praise God for the work that He is doing. So, in the area of my Christian life, I, by Gods Grace, did not and will not get what I deserve. You see, I deserve Hell, but God in His goodness has chosen to pluck me out of the darkness and bring me into the life of His glorious Son. The other area that I did NOT get what I deserve is my marriage. I know, I have not been married for a lifetime yet, and I am excited to see what THAT will hold, but for the almost 14 years, let me just say, I got far beyond what I could have ever asked or thought! When I first got married, I believed that life was about ME. Uh oh! Here we go again! I loved Kevin and wanted to serve him, but deep down, it was so he would praise me and do other things for me to show ME his appreciation. I was a manipulator and could cry at the drop of a hat! Really, He did not get what he DESERVED!!! :)!!! This man considers me. This man prays for me. This man LOVES me. He is committed! He is passionate, compassionate and kind. He is "good" and he loves the LORD. So, in this instance I did not get what I deserved, I got better!!! Lord, thank you for not giving me what I deserve. Thank you that you were pleased to draw me to yourself and to save me. Thank you that you are changing me daily and thank you thank you for my wonderful companion for this world! Thank you for choosing the PERFECT husband for me and the perfect daddy to my girls. Lord, you are good and you do good. Help me to honor you and then Kevin for the rest of my days!

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