Friday, December 13, 2013

what's that you say?

today was taht day. you know, the one where you listen to yourself when you should be talking to yourself. the one where you believe you are bad at EVERYTHING! the one where you go over and over in your mind....the only if's. the one where you rehearse how this is all wrong.....a big life was suppossed to be______________...... yes today I listened......i did not stop I did not speak truth to myself......i did not run to the Lord. I chose to listen and wallow and fret and it was a TERRIBLE day. there were even things I should have and could have done in a different way but chose to walk in my strength. alert....alert.....THAT ALWAYS ends in failure. so very thankful for Gods grace iny life. so thankful for my sweet husband who listens and talks to me when I cant seem to muster up the words to say to myself.

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